Travis is a server at Doc Chey’s Morningside who is also persuing a career as a nurse.

After being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2014, he decided to go back to school to become an oncology nurse.  He hopes to one day work at Grady Hospital where he himself received chemo and radiation treatments.  He will no doubt be an inspiration to his future patients!

Here’s a quick Q&A to help you get to know Travis better:


You look familiar.  Where do we know you from?
I have been with Doc Cheys for almost a year and a half.  I was previously at 10th and Piedmont for three years.

Tell us more about your background.
I have been in the restaurant industry since the age of 15, and I have worked in just about every position.

Any hobbies or special interests?
In my free time, I love to sit at my sewing machine and quilt.

We hear you love to travel.  What are your favorite destinations?
For fun: New York
For food: New Orleans

Which Doc Chey’s menu item do you crave the most?
Garlic Eggplant.  It’s sweet, it’s spicy and so, so, so good!

Any secret talents we need to know about?
I’m a pretty good baker. I love to bake pastries and wedding cakes.